Fitydoo learns about you

Enter you biometrics, biomarkers and pick your training goal. Fitydoo’s AI goal is to deliver a training experience with highly customised workouts. Based on your data, AI delivers training plan utilising different intensities and heart rate zones. By working out in a target heart rate zone, you’re making sure you’re not just pushing yourself to the max, but you’re also holding yourself back from pushing too hard. With Fitydoo you train smarter, not harder.

Fitydoo measures and refines

Measure your heart rate during training. Fitydoo’s AI will process the training data and based on your performance refine and adjust next trainings. Thanks to the intelligent data analysis, Fitydoo maximises your performance and minimises risk of injuries.

Fitydoo delivers results

Fitydoo innovates ways to optimize bodyweight training which is customized based on your biomarkers. And since your biomarkers are unique to you, using them to create training zones means you’re getting a personalized workout based on your needs.

Train smarter, not harder.